The apartments have been successfully sold. We want to thank all our Customers for putting trust in URBA and selecting our offer.

Skowronia 3f-3G is the second stage of the project in the Skowronia Street in Cracow, which involves the construction of two multi-family buildings with underground car park. Individual stages of the project have been designed to deliver facilities that present diversified architecture and integrate well with the housing estate and the district.

The characteristic features of this part of the housing estate include extensive balconies with wide and massive stainless steel handrails. The light tone of the façade, which stands in contrast to the previous phase 3a-3B (link), interwoven with clinker brick entering the buildings and dominating in the entry zone, gives a notion of lightness.

Each of the three-storey buildings is equipped with a noiseless lift from a reputable manufacturer – Kone, which is also accessible from the underground garage. The entrance to the garage is heated, while the garage itself, in addition to parking spaces, houses three separate sections of storage rooms.


The lights in the common areas of buildings, underground garage and outdoor areas will use LED technology to ensure healthy, bright, yet highly energy-efficient lighting. This will enable significant savings in monthly maintenance costs of buildings, while the extended service life of LED lamps will ensure several years of operation without the need for their replacement.


All flats are equipped with a videophone and Italian Dierre security doors. The woodwork used includes smart and energy-efficient windows with high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters ensured by triple glazing (4/16/4/16/4 U = 0.6 W/m2K).


Much emphasis has been placed again on the quality and appearance of external common area. Greenery, internal roads, pedestrian paths and landscaping have been designed with great care and attention to detail. It has been our intention to combine the modern architecture of both stages with a picturesque green area to create a Green Housing Estate. Kids can play in the playground situated in the southern part of the plot.


The property is situated in the Skowronia Street in the Podgórze district. This is a quiet and peaceful place. The buildings feel cosy, because they are not situated in a densely developed area. The project is located in the neighbourhood of the Bonarka nature reserve, the historic Liban Quarry and the Krak Mount, which offers a magnificent view of the city. Its vast green area makes it a perfect place for walks, meetings and active rest.

Bonarka City Center, a part of the multi-functional city centre, is an offer for those who like shopping, cinema and meetings at cafe. There are also Zakopianka and Solvay shopping centres, Carrefour and Tesco big supermarkets and Castorama with its offer of building materials. There are also schools, kindergartens, small shops, clinics and modern offices.