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We are concerned with construction. This is something we are best at. Therefore, during the ten years of URBA’s existence, we have built a group of companies cooperating at different stages of creating interesting and modern buildings.

We can boast of many completed projects, but this is not something that seems to be the most important thing. For us the most significant thing is a creative idea for building partnerships. This applies both to our Clients, and to other companies and investors with whom we aspire to create beautiful, functional, and long-lasting things.

URBA group is a platform integrating 4 areas:
  • investment,
  • architecture,
  • production,
  • general contracting.

Their close cooperation since the early stage of the project, all the way till its completion, guarantees the optimum result. As a developer we operate in Poland. Our presence is marked most strongly in Krakow, where the company commenced its business. Other companies of URBA Group: URBA Architects, and the buildings factory also promote their offer abroad. They carry out designing and production for investments implemented in the EU countries.

Reliable foundations

Generally speaking, building houses and buildings is a job which requires reliable preparation. This is exactly how we operate – we plan everything in the minutest detail in order to complete the investment in the most effective way.

The biggest effort is required at the beginning – we regard building solid business basis as a natural course of events. This is the experience gained during the years spent at construction sites and leaning over architectural plans. We invest in land property, and then we design and build exceptional buildings, which shall later be commercialized or sold. Our operations, initially focusing on residential development, later expanded to commercial construction, including office blocks, hotels, and industrial facilities.

Building our own way

We try to approach each project individually. At the same time we assume that our Client does not have to be knowledgeable about the building trade. We are the knowledgeable ones, and that is why we demand of ourselves decision-making, timeliness, and costs optimization at each stage of the investment.

With a strong emphasis on the reliable preparation of the investment, in its very course we opt for innovations and for the use of non-standard solutions thanks to which we achieve more. More actually often means less: less time spent at the construction sites, less waste, fewer building materials used, a lower price per square meter of your dream house.

We believe that the secret of URBA Group’s development is the creative cooperation of talented people who are happy with what they do. We try to be creative and innovative, we constantly learn and improve our operation methods.

Who are we doing this for?
  • for our clients, by using modern technologies and delivering the product featuring the best price to quality ratio,
  • for the city and the local community, by implementing our investments in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable development,
  • for the development of the construction trade, by constant improvement of what we do, and how we do it, by improving our effectiveness, and by setting the trends in modern architecture,
  • for the company itself – for its employees and shareholders.
Interesting projects are our specialty

Residential architecture was the starting point on our way to commercial investments projects. We have a record of a number of innovative solutions – often using the rediscovered technology of buildings prefabrication.

Our investments include modern office blocks, warehouses, and production halls. However, the most interesting examples are the revitalized forts, defensive architecture, and even reconstructions of medieval strongholds.

The world is not just about construction

While avoiding narrow specialization, we try to think in broader terms. This allows us to undertake daring projects, such as the planned co-working space for young designers in one of our facilities, a hostel for the enthusiasts of fortification and military tourism, or the cyclically organized competitions for young architects.

We take the opportunities and employ the forms which are unusual in out reality, such as interaction with the local community, e.g. supporting local foundations, public consultations of investment projects with the neighbors, workshop sessions, and openness in the contacts with the media. We would like to maintain these standards in spite of the obvious business costs.

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