Respect for the locality

In URBA we make sure to develop real estate with respect for the existing neighborhood architecture. We want to have an essential and positive contribution to city landscape. It is our priority that our buildings should be durable, economical, modern, ecological, and user-friendly.


Our commitment to ecology is evident in our practice of observing the best standards and practices of sustainable designing, construction, and use of buildings. We are a founding member of the Polish Green Building Council belonging to the World Green Building Council.

Respect for history.

We are committed to supporting the sustainable and innovative development of historic monuments, including military monuments. In cooperation with the “Luneta Warszawska” Fort Foundation, (, we have implemented a complex and innovative project that is centered on the revitalization of a historic structure. We endowed it with a triple service function of an office, a hostel and a restaurant. URBA’s conversion of the fortress space into an original youth hostel, which promotes the niche military tourism, has proved to be a great success.

Life Hub

30 modern apartments in the Krakow city center.

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