We keep our ear to the ground for interesting real estate opportunities.

Regardless of the company’s financial standing or situation on the market, URBA is always interested in attractive real property.Even the most spectacular project begins with “a piece of land.” Therefore, we carefully examine each and every sales offer we receive.

Our choice is not restricted to a specific location. We search for the plots that would enable the construction of building(s) of at least 1,000 square metres. Given the potential of URBA and related companies, there are no projects that would be too big for us.

We invite both individuals and companies to invest with us. We provide the selected investors (owners of plots or buildings) with an access to the capital necessary to carry out a project, extensive know-how and recognizable brand of URBA. Our approach ensures success and, consequently, more than average gain earned by an investor, which often goes far beyond the gain earned on the sale of properties.

Depending on the needs of a partner, we offer original and tested cooperation models which enable disinvestment within the shortest possible time.

Please contract us today if you have the real property you intend to sell or use for a construction project but you do not know how to do it or you do not want to take a risk.

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